Thursday, February 7, 2008


I've been told by a few people that they tried to post a comment, but were unable to. The default setting for this blog is that only people with a google account could post a comment. I've changed that so that anyone can comment. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my blog. I know that your heart is with Lucas and me. And thank you to everyone who has posted a comment already. I am encouraged by you all and feel your support and love.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mark,

I've never met you nor had the privilege of knowing your wife Midi and son Nathan. I learned of your story on television and like many, was moved to tears. I come to you as your sister in Christ and am encouraged by your strength and courage to choose the path of pain with hope. 6 years ago I did just that. I lost my twin sister of 33 years and though my pain was deep and many days I was inconsolable, the Lord met me at my most darkest moments bathing me with His love. Hang onto the hope we have in Christ. You are a testament to believers and a walking example to those who may never know Jesus but will have a chance through you. My family, my church family, and friends are fervently praying for you and Lucas. When I lost my twin, someone wrote to me "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."
Midi and Nathan are breathing freely in the presence of our Lord. We not only serve a God who listens but one who answers. He is walking with you. Be blessed for all the moments that took your breath away... there will be more.

In His Love,

Marilyn Yokoyama

Yang said...

Dear Mark, Lucas:

I am still mourning for your loss ever since Kat and John told us about what happened. My heart has not stopped praying for God's comfort and grace to surround you and all who so dearly miss Midi and Nathan. I never had the chance to know them, but each time I think of them, I see the face of Jesus behind them and think about all that they meant to you and Lucas, and what courage it must have taken for you to choose grief with hope. I am more than inspired by your perspective in such a difficult time, you have been a powerful testimony to our Lord Jesus! I know Midi and Nathan are so proud of you and Lucas. I will keep all of you in my prayers always... and thank you for your transparency in pain and sorrow, and concern and encouragement to others who are also mourning, may God's love always surround you when you need to hear His voice of comfort and assurance.

in Christ's love,
Lucy Yang

flipperswife said...

Dear Mark,
Your blog has been healing for me in regards to past losses and pain. I can relate to many of the things you mentioned, but especially choosing "hope with pain".

You don't know me or my husband either, except maybe through Anne H. who is our supervisor. :) We actually babysat for Anne when you and Midi and Anne and David went out. Our daughter also babysat for your "dates". So, we feel a little closer to you. Maybe we met...I'm not sure.

We watching the service via internet and shared in the story of Midi and Nathan. How blessed you are to have had them.

We'll be keeping up with you on the blog.

In the Spirit of His family,
Tammy Gonzaga

Tiffiny Vuong said...

Dear Mr. Mikasa,

This is Tiffiny, and I hope you and your son are doing well. I'm so glad that you created this blog. I mean I'm REALLY thankful. I don't know if it shows or anything, but i look up to you a lot. I really do. When I heard about the accident it was really unbelievable to me. I found out on the 3rd of January, and I was completely shocked and worried. I actually called the hospital you were staying at, to see if you were okay :(. I remember thinking how could something so horrible happen to someone so amazing and just so wonderful. But i suppose terrible things just happen in general. Apart of me feels so terrible, because i know what it feels like to lose someone. A couple years back I had lost my dad to a car accident as well... so apart of me felt your pain. I mean I can't possibly know how you feel yourself, but I'd like you to know you are definitely not alone.I also remembered when I first found out I just felt so furious because I just didn't want this horrible accident that happened to your family to be real, because it's just so wrong for bad things to happen to good people. I'm really sorry enough of that. On another note, Paul and I miss you terribly. (as well as many many MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANY other students) we miss going into your room to moisturize, so until you come back our hands and elbows will be very very very dry. Oh and I also asked Mr.Carney to tell you that I wanted to moisturize with you so come back!... but he forgot :(. There's so much i want to say, but to cut to the chase, you're missed, you're loved, and we (Gabrielinians)can't wait til you come back!

Josefina said...

Dear Mark,
Thank you for writing. It is comforting to me to hear your own words and thoughts (not just reports from your closest friends). I'm so proud of how you are clinging to God in your pain. I am missing Midi so much. It's difficult to accept. You and sweet Lucas are continually on our minds and hearts. I am so grateful that you and Midi found each other. I'll never forget how she knew you were the one. It made me so happy to see how your relationship brought so much life, healing and real joy to her. thanks again for writing. Fina

Roger Khy said...

Hey Mr. Mikasa. It's me. Roger from your 5th Period Algebra Fundamentals. I just wanted to say I was struck when the news hit me. I couldn't believe it happened to you and your family. I still remember the day you let us party in your class before break. I'll treasure that moment. I'm just happy to know that your doing okay but I know it's hard to cope with the loss of your wife and son. It's terrible news that it pains me as well. I still got my prayers with you and your family. Even though I'm not a religious person, I still believe God is watching you and taking good care of your wife and son. Like Tupac said, keep your head up. Smile now, cry later.

My email is if you ever need to keep in touch.

Lucinda said...

Mr. Mikasa!

Like many others, I have followed your story and went back to Gab to see if you had returned. I can't express how sorry I am, and I constantly find your family in my thoughts. I'm surprised to have come across your blog though, because like you said this is a new side us students have seen. Nonetheless I'm glad that you're able to share with us your journey, because I know many of us want and are grieving with you. No words can really help me tell you how much this broke my heart because as your student of three years I know how dedicated you were to your family, to your students, and everyone around you. Thank you for being the most inspirational teacher I've ever know, I'll see you when you're back at work (and when finals for me are out of the way :b). Take care and God bless you and Lucas both.


M said...

I've received your letter and it gladdens me to know that you are doing well. Keep strong and I hope to see you soon. Oh yeah, Paul sends his regards and wants some yummy as soon as you come back. Its been a while since we've moisturized together so I anticipate your return. NO HOMO. My hands, legs, body, etc. are getting really dry. =D See you soon.

With Love,